Blue yarnbombs for the kids!

Let’s make lots of blue yarnbombs for the kids of Lucas County! Child abuse is preventable. Wear blue on April 10! Wherever you are – work, school or play – wear blue!

Lucas County Children Services and The Toledo Free Press has asked for BLUE YARNBOMBS to let everyone know that we are standing up against child abuse! This is where I am asking anyone who can knit or crochet to join us! Any and all yarnbombers from around the world, we would love to have a yarnbomb from you to show that the world is standing up against child abuse and domestic violence. It’s a small gesture that can make a big impact! Lets show our love, It will bring tons of smiles to tons of faces.

The yarnbombs will be in front of the LCCS building at 705 Adams Street across from the courthouse. They will be up from April 10-19. I am then going to try to find a permanent location for the blue yarnbombs… a school, shelter, etc… Any shade of blue can be used and there are several dimentions. No matter how big or small of a yarnbomb you make, it can be used. You can ALWAYS find space for a yarnbomb! I can make arrangements for us receiving the yarnbombs on an individual basis.

If you would like to participate please get your blue yarn out and do it for the children! It will be like a big fuzzy blue hug! LOVE THE KIDS!

I will need to have the yarnbombs on April 1st.

You can send and/or drop off yarnbombs to The Toledo Free Press next to The Blarney on Monroe Street Mon-Fri during business hours:

Toledo Free Press
605 Monroe St.
Toledo, OH 43604

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What a HUGE success this was! I could not believe how many yarnbombs came from all over the world!! They stayed up through April and were given to children services, they will display the yarnbombs inside the building.










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