2012 memories and 2013 dreams

I can’t even begin to express my joy, happiness, love and bliss for the year 2012. I would be proud to say that it was the year of public art for Toledo, Ohio. With all of the art in public spaces in this city, I was happy to contribute so I set out to decorate the streets in colorful and fuzzy yarnbombs. The response that yarnbombs receive from the community is something really special to me and I sincerely cherish all of the kind words, support and messages that people give me. I have met so, so many wonderful people this year… SO many! The year started with some normal parking meter and sign post yarnbombing then things just started to get bigger and brighter and went inter-freaking-national…what?!


wallThe Love Wall was born this summer in UpTown and has many yarnbombs from different yarnbombers to add to the love! The wall was organized by Rachel Richardson of Art Corner Toledo and painted by MEDE & Mr. Taylor.  There is a real sense of comfort at The Love Wall. It has visitors from everywhere that come to see and feel that love and occasionally just feel like hugging the 15 foot colorful yarnbomb!

international yb

Then there are the exchanges I did with some very admirable and lovely ladies from The UK, France and Australia. This was quite a memorable experience for me! I mean, we have yarnbombs from three other countries in Toledo…that is global street art…whoa!

bike racks

bike racks…bike racks…bike racks

I want to yarnbomb all the bike racks!


There is just something about bike racks that really makes me smile.

There are also the travelling Toledoans who have put up streetspun yarnbombs at their travel destinations. One even went international! I feel so special just to know that people want to take time out of their travels to spread some streetspun TOLEDOLOVE!

Orlando & Denver

orlando denver

Seattle & New Orleans

seattle new orleans

Vancouver BC


Super special thank you to:

Rachel Richardson

Claudia St. Clair

Tom Kesting


So that’s basically a wrap on the year 2012 for me. It has been fabulous! And it’s now time to look forward into the new year, plan new goals, meet new people and create lots of new ideas! I hope everyone tries to love a little harder and always be kind. I wish nothing but good vibes, great times and lots of love and hugs to all of the lovers all over the world! Cheers to YOU!

Peace & Love Always,



One thought on “2012 memories and 2013 dreams

  1. That’s so awesome. I love seeing recaps, and this one is especially wonderful to me as it relates to street art/yarnbombing. Keep up the fabulous work!! Happy 2013 (almost)!

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